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Creating sustainable
health data ecosystems to
advance our understanding
of human health and disease

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We believe the future of biomedical science lies in collaboration, not silos. 

Indoc is a not-for-profit company that builds inclusive digital solutions that support researchers in managing, integrating and analyzing complex data from diverse sources 

Learn more about our flagship open source data management platform:


Data Ecosystems 
by Indoc


Dismantling Barriers

Whether you're navigating complex (jurisdiction-specific) privacy regulations, idiosyncratic data systems or challenges that come with high-dimensional research data, Indoc's experienced team can help.

Inventing Smarter Processes

Leverage Indoc’s interoperable standards and customizable workflows to build the processes you need for standardized data management, secure data linkage, query, access, and analysis.

Building Better Data Platforms

Indoc’s ‘Development Ecosystem’ is an open model for software and systems development ensuring platforms built for one research team can be leveraged by others, reducing costs and effort. We’re not just building data platforms. We’re building a community of data platforms.

Partners and Collaborators

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