Our Work

Indoc works to understand the unique needs of research teams and institutions in order to create custom and interoperable data solutions that facilitate privacy-protected sharing and aggregation of data across research programs and groups.

We believe in open source development strategies, those where developers, researchers and analysts collaborate through mutually beneficial partnerships.

See some of our current work below: 

Brain-CODE Neuroinformatics Platform

Brain-CODE is Ontario Brain Institute’s secure neuroinformatics platform for management, federation, sharing and analysis of multi-dimensional neuroscience data.

BIH/Charité Virtual Research Environment

The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) at Charité Hospital combines a powerful suite of workbench tools, high-performance computing services and platform integrations into a central portal to provide researchers with the resources they need to securely collect, analyze, catalogue and share complex research data.

Restricted Data Environments

Privacy preserving systems for linking and mapping highly sensitive data from diverse sources.

Patient Data Gateway

A unified system that integrates patient-derived data across platforms and projects.

Healthcare to Homecare: Frailty Care System

Leveraging advanced devices, wearables, and data to help assess, prevent and treat causes of frailty amongst seniors.