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Mojib Javadi

Director, Program Development and Research Operations

Mojib Javadi holds the position of Director, Program Development and Research Operations at Indoc Research since 2014. At Indoc Research, Mojib works with investigators from partner organizations to develop provincial and federal grants for new data management and informatics technologies and solutions. He is the project manager for funded collaborative projects with partner academic groups and focuses on the implementation of molecular data management strategy and functions. Mojib holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Cancer Biology from the University of Toronto.

His doctoral work focused on hematopoiesis and myeloid leukemias. Mojib was funded by NSERC for an industry post-doctoral fellowship with Lorus Therapeutics where he developed small molecular kinase inhibitors targeting solid tumors. Mojib was the Management Fellow at Ontario Brain Institute, working on data standardization efforts and developing potential informatics sustainability models. Mojib likes staying active, and getting outside as much as he can, including everything from hiking to triathlons. He particularly enjoys cycling, especially if there is a beer stop at the end.

Mojib Javadi
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