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Tom Gee

Vice President, Engineering

Tom has been at Indoc Research since 2016. Tom provides direction, integration and coordination into systems development at Indoc Research, focusing on software, processes and system integration. Tom received his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo in 1990. Prior to Indoc, Tom was the technical lead and manager of the Neuroinformatics Group at the Rotman Research Institute, overseeing the development of distributed informatics systems. Before then, Tom was the senior developer and architect for Covenant Systems Development under contract to various groups within Defence Research & Development Canada.

His team of contractors created real-time and safety-critical systems in support of Navy, Air Force and Land Force personnel, including such projects as an immersive soldier combat simulator, flight simulators, and protection systems for high altitude and acceleration. They designed, assembled and deployed prototypes for field use, on submarines, on fighter and transport aircraft, and for battlefield medics. Outside of work, Tom enjoys family life with his wife and their two near-adult children. He also has a hobby farm where they have laying hens and do organic gardening. Tom is deeply involved in the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel, Barrie.

Tom Gee
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