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Creating interdisciplinary 
data ecosystems​

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Indoc Research is a not-for-profit focused on catalyzing innovative research partnerships through data. ​

Data should know no bounds. Outputs of research in the agricultural sector can benefit researchers focused on climate change. Research on economic inequality could leverage health system data to develop more finely-tuned interventions. ​

We’re focused on making these cross-sectoral partnerships happen at scale by creating and supporting networks of researchers and data. ​

What we do


Bring together researchers and data users working on complementary research questions.


Provide the infrastructure and tools needed for privacy-assured data sharing and collaborative research.​



Expand smaller networks into larger ones by adding new collaborators or connecting with existing networks. ​

Building sustainable data ecosystems requires collaboration and partnership.

Indoc is a member of and contributes to a number of national and international data initiatives including:


Partners and Collaborators

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