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About Us

Indoc Research is a not-for-profit focused on catalyzing innovative research partnerships through data.


Indoc Research evolved from the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network (OCBN), which was established in 2005 with support from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and the Ministry of Research and Innovation.


OCBN was given a mandate to support cancer researchers in their search for proteomic and genomic biomarkers. Over time, this role evolved to manage data from many other diseases resulting in expansion of its informatics and data management capabilities. OCBN was rebranded in 2014 to Indoc Research.


In 2016, Indoc transitioned its molecular laboratory operations into a separate entity in order to focus on its informatics operations. In 2021, Indoc formally launched Indoc Research Europe gGmbH to manage operations outside of North America.


Indoc data management solutions have supported hundreds of research teams and thousands of researchers, and in 2023, Indoc spun-out a new for-profit entity, Indoc Systems, focused on commercialization of Indoc’s SaaS data management platform – Pilot. This allowed Indoc Research to focus on nucleating and growing multi-disciplinary data partnerships and associated analytics activities.

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